Here at Tap TV, we believe in pushing the limits of trivia science. Our ancient and mysterious Trivia Gurus are always on the lookout for new facts and knowledge, dedicated to the singular ideal that no info is too trivial, no data is too befuddling, and no question is too bedeviling to be featured on our nationwide trivia network.

With that in mind, we’re tremendously excited to announce the latest fruits of our triviatical labors: a smorgasbord of new games and an entire boatload of new questions. And it’s a big boat, too!

What have we added? Glad you asked!

Missing the days of bell bottoms, pet rocks, and disco? You’ll love Tap TV’s Seventies Trivia, which is jam-packed with questions about all your favorite bands, movies, news, and fads from that most glorious of decades.

Hungry for a heaping helping of facts? Check out All-You-Can-Eat Trivia, a perfectly seasoned blend of culinary and cuisine trivia that’s sure to please the palate of any factual epicure.

Prepare yourself for trivia cross-training! Next up is Get Fit Trivia, a pulse-pounding regimen of brain-training questions about fitness, health, and general wellness.

Take a freedom-filled tour of America and U.S. popular history with Americana Trivia! Cruise the highways and byways of this great nation from sea to shining sea, answering questions about presidential facts, American history, and all-around Americana.

And speaking of highways and byways, try your hand at Tap TV’s new Travel Trivia and Transport Trivia games. Travel Trivia will quiz your brain on every aspect of globe-trotting and travel, while Transport Trivia is all about the different ways we get around on this big ball of tourist destinations that we call the Earth.

Last, but certainly not least, grab a cold one and get your engine running for Raceway Trivia. It’s an all-out, 100-lap extravaganza that will test your knowledge of automotive sport, from NASCAR to Formula 1 and everything in between!

Each and every one of our new games is packed with thousands of brain-teasing, mind-bending questions that are sure to have you reaching for your thinking cap. Drop on by your favorite Tap TV location and check ‘em out!