We’re ultra-excited to announce a major update to Tap TV, replete with a bunch of cool new features for both players and locations — including social media integration, better demo unit support, and the first steps towards letting locations customize their Tap TV experience for players.

Beginning with this update, players can use Twitter or Facebook to share the fun and excitement of Tap TV on social media. During each round, you’ll be able to post any trivia question to your social media service — and at the end of the round, you’ll even have the option of sharing your score, local rank, and the name of where you’re playing on Facebook. Now you can share your favorite brain-teasers and game-winning high scores, or just invite your friends to play.

We’re also now accepting submissions for location-specific custom promotional images, allowing locations to add up to 10 custom images to be displayed during Tap TV Trivia. Each promotional screen will appear for 15 seconds at a time, giving locations a great way to let players know about drink specials, food, or upcoming events. A full-featured, automated ad manager is also coming to Tap TV later this year.

We’ve also updated Tap TV Trivia to feature less nightly downtime and have longer hours. Nightly maintenance will now occur between 5:00-7:00am (EST), giving early-risers a full 3 exra hours of time to play Tap TV!

We’ll be rolling out a steady stream of new trivia content and minor updates in the coming months, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new stuff!