For as long as there have been bars, there has been bar trivia! Okay, that’s probably not true — but it’s still really fun! Tap TV Trivia lets you show off your knowledge of obscure facts in a live competition against players from around the country. We’ve got 12 unique categories, including movies, music, TV, and sports — plus a whole bunch more.

Do you and your friends have what it takes to become trivia champs? Score high enough and you could see your names at the top of the national scoreboard!

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How does scoring work?

There are 12 multiple-choice questions per round, with a new round starting every 20 minutes. You get 17 seconds to answer each question — answer quicker and you’ll earn more points, up to a maximum of 1000. At the end of each round, we tally the points and determine national and local leaders.

Do I have to wait until a new game starts before I can join in?

Once you check in, you can start playing right away! If there’s no round in progress, you’ll start playing as soon as one begins. Pretty convenient, right?

Can I change my answer after I select one?

As long as the question timer hasn’t expired, you can change your answer as often as you like. Just touch a different answer to change it. There’s no penalty for changing your answer — your points will still based on the in-game timer, just like normal.

How do you view stats and the Report Card?

You can bring up the Tap TV Trivia Report Card by turning your phone sideways while playing. This lets you check out the previous questions and see how many points you scored for each. You can also choose a question to see more info about it.

Can I suggest new categories or questions? I really want some questions about Ancient Egypt / famous French inventors / fictional spaceships!

Absolutely! We love to hear ideas for new categories or games. Send us an e-mail at