Tap TV Tournaments combines the brain-teasing fun of Tap TV Trivia with the chance to win great prizes! Join a tournament at your favorite location, then start playing Tap TV Trivia like you normally would. The better your scores, the higher you’ll place in the overall tournament rankings. You can play as often as you like, and even see your overall tournament rank in real time.

Do you have what it takes to be a Tap TV Trivia legend?

How do I find a tournament to enter?

Just go to the Tap TV app’s location search screen and look for the locations marked by a trophy icon — that means there’s an active tournament there. Once you’re at the location, just register for the tournament, buy into the event, and start playing!

How do I join an active tournament?

Once you’ve found a Tournament location, you can view the active tournament event by touching Play to Win Prizes on the location screen. You can then see details about the tournament, including prizes, buy-in cost, duration, and scoring rules. If you’re ready to join the tournament, just touch the big green Join Now button to start playing!

(PS: If it’s your first time playing Tap TV Tournaments, you’ll need to go through a brief registration process before you can play.)

How much does it cost to join a tournament?

We leave the exact pricing of each tournament up to the tournament operators, but all tournaments fall into three categories. With a One-Time Fee tournament, you pay once and can play for the duration of the tournament. With a Daily Buy-In, you pay a fee for each day you want to participate. (If you don’t pay for a day, you can still play — but your scores won’t be recorded.) And Free tournaments are just what they sound like: totally free-to-play, but you can still win cool prizes. How great is that?

(And don’t worry, there are no sneaky subscription charges or hidden fees. We’ll always ask you to verify before we charge you anything!)

How do I pay for joining a tournament?

Before you’re able to join a tournament, you’ll need to have at least one credit card linked to your Tap TV account — once that’s taken care of, you just select the card you want to use each time you go to join a tournament. (Each tournament buy-in will be charged as a separate transaction.)

How are the winners selected?

We choose tournament winners by tracking each player’s highest scores during the tournament and adding them together — it can be your top 3 scores, top 5 scores, or top 10 scores, depending on the tournament. So if you scored 300, 1000, 1400, 100, and 2500 in a 3-score tournament, your combined score would be 4900 (1000 + 1400 + 2500).

That score is used to determine your overall trivia rank — if you placed high enough, you’ll be one of the tournament winners. (You can always check your current rank by visiting the tournament page under My Tournaments in the Tap TV app.)

Why do I need to register to play Tap TV Tournaments?

We want to make sure tournament winners get their prizes as fast as possible. Registering helps us speed the process along — rather than contacting each player individually, we just pass your info along to the tournament manager.

I won a Tap TV Tournament. How do I claim my prize?

Nice job! To find out how to claim your prize, open the app sidebar and touch My Tournaments, then find the name of the tournament. The tournament info will have instructions on how to claim your prize. (If you’re unsure of what to do, you can contact the operator by going to the tournament’s Prizes tab and touching the contact link under Claiming a Prize.)