Tired of crushing the competition at your local watering hole? Step up to the big leagues and enter a Tap TV Tournament! Our Tournament system lets you compete against other players for real-world prizes like gift cards or free food and drinks. Just visit a participating location, pay a small entry fee, and start kickin’ butt.

No luck. No gimmicks. Just pure trivia skill. Do you have what it takes?

How does this Tournament stuff work, anyhow?

Tournaments are sponsored events you can play at your favorite local bars and restaurants, sponsored by one of our Tap TV operators (the good folks that bring Tap TV to the masses). When you visit a location with a live tournament, you’ll be able to buy into the event and start accruing points through normal gameplay. At the end of the tournament, the player (or players) with the highest points will win awesome prizes!

For a full run-down of our tournament gameplay — including rules, scoring, and other useful info — check out the Tap TV Tournaments How to Play page.

Is tournament gameplay different from regular Tap TV Trivia?

Nope! Tournaments work by tracking your performance in normal gameplay — it’s the same questions, the same answers, and it uses the same screens. The only difference is that your score will count for more than just bragging rights.

Does it cost money to play in Tap TV Tournaments?

Most tournaments charge a small fee to enter — but we leave that up to the individual tournament operator. There are also free tournaments that don’t cost anything, but still award prizes! (Pretty sweet deal, right?)

What if there’s a tournament at my location, but I don’t want to play?

If you’d rather not take part in a tournament, you can just keep playing Tap TV like you normally would. You’ll still receive a score at the end of each round — it just won’t be part of the tournament.