Think you’ve got what it takes to be a poker all-star? Tap TV Poker gives you a seat at an 8-player virtual poker table with players from your own location and Tap TV venues from around the country. You use your smartphone to view your hand, while the rest of the action plays out on screen in eye-popping HD graphics — from wagers to community cards to the sweet taste of victory, you’ll be playing on TV for the whole location to see!

And since we’re such nice guys, we start everybody out with 5000 chips. Don’t wager them all in one place! (Or do — Tap TV Poker is for amusement purposes only, so they’re just imaginary internet points, after all.)

What the heck kind of poker is this?

It’s Texas Hold’em, a hugely fun and popular variant of poker! (You might recognize it from films like Rounders and Casino Royale.) It has the same basic rules and hand combinations as other types of poker, but each player only gets two cards, plus five other cards that they share with the table.

Want a full run-down on how to play Texas Hold’em? Check out our How To Play page for the full scoop.

What happens if I don’t play my turn?

We want to keep the game fast-paced and exciting for everyone, so players are automatically folded if they don’t do anything during a turn. If a player is auto-folded for three hands in a row, they’ll be removed from the table.

Will my chips stick around when I stop playing?

Rolling around in stacks of imaginary poker chips? Worried all your hard work will be undone? Well, have no fear — your chips are stored in your account, so they’ll still be there next time you play.

What happens if I run out of chips?

If you bust out during a game, you’ll have to wait until the next hand to rejoin — and when you do, we’ll give you another 5000 chips to play around with! Hey, don’t say we never did anything for you.

Mobile Spotlighting

We think one of the coolest parts of Tap TV is seeing your game play out on the big screen — to make sure everyone gets the chance, we’ve invented a pretty nifty technology called Mobile Spotlighting. When a location has players at different tables, Tap TV will take turns displaying each table on screen.

If your table isn’t the one being featured, we’ll display your Community Cards on your phone so that you can go right on playing. When you get your turn on TV, the Community Cards move back to the big screen. You don’t have to do anything!