The app says it can’t find any locations. What’s going on?

If the location finder isn’t working, your phone’s Location Services might be turned off — you can check in your smartphone’s General Settings menu. You might also just have a weak 3G/4G connection. Try doing a manual search by entering your city and state or ZIP code.

If there are no Tap TV locations in your area, you can help by suggesting Tap TV to your favorite bar or restaurant — and be sure to check back later, since we’re always adding new locations!

I’m at a location, but it’s not listed in the app. What gives?

Your Tap TV location might not have its name or address set up correctly. Please let someone at the location know or contact us so we can look into it!

I went to a location, but I don’t see Tap TV Trivia or Tap TV Poker on TV. What’s wrong?

If you see Tap TV but no games, it means the location has switched over to Tap TV Excite — it’s a non-interactive channel featuring awesome viral videos from some of the craziest athletes and experts around. Sit back and enjoy the show!

It’s also possible that no TVs are currently tuned to Tap TV. If that’s the case, please ask someone at the location to switch to the proper input. If you think a location is listed incorrectly in the app, please let us know!

Why don’t I see my name on TV with everyone else’s? I’m playing right now!

If you selected the wrong location when you started the app, Tap TV might think you’re at a different location. Double check that you’ve selected the correct location.

I run a Tap TV location and I’m having problems with my Tap TV system. Help!

Woah, that’s a bummer! Luckily, we’ve got a smorgasbord of helpful info and troubleshooting tips for locations over at the Tap TV business support page. Check it out!

Still can’t find a solution to your problem? Let us know and we’ll look into it.