Tap TV Platform – 3.3.0

  • Tap TV Trivia
    • Added 7 new games: 70’s Trivia, All-You-Can-Eat Trivia, Americana Trivia, Get Fit Trivia, Raceway Trivia, Transport Trivia, & Travel Spot Trivia
    • Updated graphics for all existing Tap TV Trivia games
    • Added location-specific trivia schedules
  • Various minor fixes and improvements


Tap TV Platform – 3.1

  • Added Tap TV Excite channel
  • Added on-screen Channel Scheduler
  • Added Enhanced Network Status screen
  • Improved Tap Lite update functionality
    • Customer Support can now manually trigger software updates
    • Locations with multiple Tap Lite units will now receive updates at the same time on all boxes
    • TVs will now display an update screen when a software update is taking place
  • Various minor fixes and improvements


Taptvtonight.com site updated V4 

  • Better mobile support
  • better support
  • improved schedule

Tap TV 


Tap TV 


Mobile App – V05.1.4608

  • Fix for advanced options being on by default after app update


Mobile App – V05.1.4608

  • New Menu! Press the menu button in the tp right corner to see all the new features coming soon!
  • Change your useranme! Visit Account Profile in the new menu, then change your username and hit save!
  • Bug fixes


Tap TV  –  2.4 Released

  • Custom Ad support
  • Poker Channel Released
  • 90’s Category Released


Tap TV – V04.0.4615

  • Ad manager support
  • Trivia U Performance upgrades


Tap TV – V03.0.4343

  • Incorrect Timezone Fix
  • Out of sync server-client timing fix
  • Added 90’s trivia
  • Added factoids to specific triva games
  • Removed Geekout and Video Game Trivia
  • Implemented new TV API
  • Bug Fixes
  • National bar ranking goes from Avg to Top 3

Mobile App – V05.0.4357

  • Support for additional Tap TV channels and games
  • Support for Tap TV Poker (not available in all states)
  • New vibrate feature to remind users when input is needed
  • Bug fixes


Mobile App – V04.0.4271

  • Bug fixes
  • Support for future Tap TV Channels


Mobile App – V03.0.4006

  • Fix for iOS 5.x(iPad Gen 1 and iPhone 3G)


Mobile App – V03.0.4004

  • Bug fixes


Tap TV – V02.0.4182

  • Added to offline demo mode
  • Fixes to joining games late
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Video Game Trivia

Mobile App – V02.1.4917

  • Bug fixes to menus and social media


Tap TV –  2.0 Released

  • Custom Promotional Screens
  • Extended Hours Trivia Schedule Hours

Mobile App – V02.0.4857

  • Social Media Sharing Integration
  • Advanced Settings
  • Demo Mode Support


Mobile app update  – V01.0.4008

  • Fixes to timezones and lag issues


Tap TV  – V01.1.4069

Mobile app update  – V01.0.4006

  • Fixed an issue with location selection not working
  • Fixed an issue with scores not reporting to the server
  • Fixed an issue with report card not working


Tap TV  – V01.0.536

  • Location name fix
  • New promo ads
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Video Game Trivia
  • Added Geekout Trivia

Mobile app  – V01.0.4

  • Tv Client with trivia
  • mobile app for android and IOS