Tap TV is a social gaming network for bars and restaurants that brings people and places together using your favorite bar games. When you play Tap TV, you don’t just play alone — you compete live against your friends, other patrons, and other Tap TV locations around the country.

Pretty cool, right?

What do I need to play Tap TV?

All you need is the Tap TV app, a Tap TV location, and the heart of a champion! (OK, maybe you only need the first two.) All of Tap TV’s gameplay takes place on one or more TVs in the location, and you use your phone to play along. It’s sort of like playing a video game where your phone is the controller.

Does Tap TV cost anything to play?

No way! Tap TV is free to play — we don’t charge you for the app or for the satisfaction of showing your friends who’s boss. How’s that for a bargain?

We do offer pay-to-play Tap TV Trivia Tournaments, where you can compete for real-world prizes in death-defying competitions of trivia acumen. If you’re looking for a way to take your trivia addiction to the next level, this is it!

Can I play Tap TV from my home computer?

The only way to play Tap TV is by visiting an official location. While we’re big fans of playing games at home, we designed Tap TV as an exclusively out-of-home social experience — in other words, we want you to play games with other people! We’re in hundreds of bars and restaurants around the country, so be sure to get the app to check for a location in your area.

This sounds awesome! How do I start playing?

Go get the app, find a Tap TV location, and jump right in! C’mon, why are you even still reading this? Go play some games!

Hungry for more info? We’d love to tell you all about Trivia and Poker, give you some tips on finding a location, and answer any questions you might have.